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Getting the tree put up with princess Nora


Public park on the beach


Sunset #lagunabeach


Leeds Family ready for fireworks


Say cheese!


Big cedar lodge last labor day weekend during the fireworks show


Nora was very excited on her first trip to the urban table


Google Fiber is Coming to West Overland Park


Sunday spring time ice cream


2010 Grecian vacation


Mint Julip with Leah last year


#thomasthetrain after #sealifekc


Redneck Riviera


Virginia Beach sunrise


Nora got some new puddle stompers. #strideritesmiles #thomasthetrain


Fuzzy bunny hopping through the leaves


Just hanging around on the monkey bars


Ready to go see some trains #unionstationkc


Nora at Dave & Cheryl’s house.


Send to grandma’s house.


Family: Then and Now


Multiple WordPress Install Management


New WordPress Blog Theme


unRAID Headless Server OS


SoundSeeder – DIY Sonos


Simple Automotive Principles – Videos


SoundSeeder – Android App – DIY Sonos


Fitness Metrics Syncing


MightyText – Android App


GaragePi – Garage Web Remote Control


RPi – Rapberry Pi Camera Web Stream


LastPass, One Password Database to Rule Them All


Nexus 10 Stock Firmware Refresh [Update]


Password Management Options


Nexus 10 – Return to Stock


Nexus 10 – Return to Stock – Now With More Success


BTSync Plugin for FreeNAS Install


CrashPlan Install on FreeNAS Server


GaragePi Second Attempt


Tech for First Time Fathers


RasPlex CEC Settings