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I was in search of a great WordPress theme for my personal blog. I was previously hosting it on GitHub Pages. It was a static website written in Jekyll with a theme called Lanyon. The posts were written in markdown, which is a very simplified language that can be translated into static HTML quite easily.

After seeing the well built themes at bluthemes, I decided to pick one that I liked for general asthetic as well as clean coding. I selected the Breeze theme.

Breeze WordPress Theme

Mobile Ready

The theme is mobile ready and adjusts to the viewport which is really useful in the increasingly mobile world.

Post Images

One of the nice things about this theme is the featured image for the post is shown front and center. This was a big change from the static Jekyll website I was running for my blog.


The widgets are great.

The Instagram feed is one of the best widgets I have come across lately. It shows your quick metrics as well as a quick slideshow of your images.

The Twitter feed is great. It shows my feed and allows you to Tweet @ me from the sidebar.


Take a look at the themes developed by bluthemes and give them a try. They are very appealing visually.

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