SoundSeeder – Android App – DIY Sonos

The Opportunity

I would like to play the same song/audio stream in multiple rooms controlled from one device but without having to run wires to everything.

The Solution

Enter SoundSeeder. The Wireless Audio System Application.


  • Build a free multi-room audio system
  • Listen to your music on multiple devices in sync
  • Connect up to 16 devices simultaneously

Platform support?

  • Windows and Linux Speaker Application (Raspberry Pi support)
  • Speaker App available for Android 2.2+

Content stream?

  • Database with more than 4500 Online Radio Stations
  • Full-featured Music Player with Media Library and Equalizer
  • Experimental Google Music support

The Plan

I think I will install this on a few spare Android devices I have and maybe a RaspberryPi or two.

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