RPi – Rapberry Pi Camera Web Stream

The Plan

Setup a web cam to watch the front door so that we can ignore door-to-door sales people.

The Harware

  1. Rapberry Pi 512MB Model B from Microcenter – $29.99
  2. Minimum 4GB SD Card from Amazon – $5.95
  3. Micro USB Power Supply 5V 1A Amazon – $7.99
  4. RPi Camera Board Microcenter – $29.99
  5. Wifi USB Dongle Amazon – $9.99

The Software/Tutorial

  1. RPi Cam Web Interface Setup Tutorial
  2. Setting up Wifi with the Command Line
  3. How To Disable The Red LED On The Pi Camera Module

The Result

It worked pretty well. I added some bootstrap to make it look a little more polished on the web interface.

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