GaragePi – Garage Web Remote Control

The Problem

I needed to find a garage door opener that was compatible with my Overhead Door garage door opener. I ordered a replacement garage door opener remote from The reviews were pretty solid on it. Some people with the type of Overhead Door that I have seemed to some success. I received my order and after three people following the directions with repeated attempts to make it connect and function, there was no success.

The Solution

I decided if I was going to fix the problem, then I was going to use technology that I knew would work. So I decided to build a Raspberry Pi Garage Door Web Remote Control.

The Software

Here is the straight forward tutorial by Chris Driscoll. His instructions were well written and very organized. I had an issue with getting the WiFi USB dongle to connect initially, a bit of user error or gremlins in the machine. After a little searching, I read and followed Adafruit’s Tutorial, Setting up Wifi with the Command Line.

The Hardware

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Two Channel Relay Optocoupler
  3. Wifi USB Dongle
  4. Female-to-female jumper wires
  5. Partial spool of 20 guage speaker wire
  6. 8GB SD Card
  7. Micro USB Power Supply 5V 1A

The Parts Raspberry Pi Rev. B 512MB RPi with case & power 2 channel relay module 20 guage speaker wire


In the end it cost a bit more time and money to resolve my problem, but now I have a rock solid solution that I can trouble shoot on quality components.

My Completed GaragePi Build
The Garage Web Remote Control Interface

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