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So Many Passwords to Remember

At last count, I have around 353 unique passwords/logins to various sites across the internet. It is a bit too much to manage on sticky notes stuck to my computer monitors.


I have been using KeePass for quite a while, actually about three years or so. It is a great open source package that allows you to keep a database of all of your passwords in one organized interface. I have it saved to my Dropbox so that it stays backed up and available for when I need it. I can access it from my PC or any of my Android devices.


I decided to give Lastpass a try and so far it has all of the same functionality that I use in KeePass. I decided to go with the premium/paid option for $12 a year. I can access it the same way as KeePass, but even easier. The integration with chrome and now Android devices it very nice. Changing a password and updating it in the database is so easy.


If you are looking for a full featured and tightly integrated password management application, then I would highly recommend that you give LastPass a look.

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