Nexus 10 Stock Firmware Refresh [Update]

Well Worth The Effort

I have gone back to un-rooted on my Nexus 10 and now have the stock Android 4.4.2. I reinstalled all of the apps that I needed and I avoided many that I no longer used. I may return to root just for the ability to use AdFree from bigtincan and Set DNS from H12 Enterprises.

Speed & Performance

My Nexus 10 is now more responsive and doesn’t hang in any apps. I think the clearning of all of the saved data on the internal storage may have had a larger part to do with it than the actual return to stock. I was running Titanium Backup on a nightly basis, but it was set to only save the latest one backup of each of the specified apps.

Future Plans

I plan to stay on un-rooted stock for awhile. My Nexus 5 is the same way and it runs very well. I will just have to avoid filling up the internal disk space going forward.

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