LastPass, One Password Database to Rule Them All

A Great Feature in LastPass

I have been using LastPass for a few days now and I decided to take the Security Challenge. The LastPass Security Challenge is a great feature built into the password management system.

LastPass Security Challenge

It reviews your current passwords and identifies the records that use the same password. It then provides you with a ranking against other LastPass users and tells you which passwords you need to change in order to increase your overall password security. It also checks the strength of your passwords and provides you with a list of the ones identified.

I had quite a few records that needed updating. The Security Challenge interface allows you to click on the specific entries taking you to the website URL from the record. Updating them was as easy as a few clicks for each.

New Random Passwords

When changing your password it allows you to create new random passwords and then automatically prompts you to save/update them in your LastPass database. The work flow is very refined. I was able to remove some old entries that I would never use again.

The Result

I feel much more secure now that I have updated many of the duplicate uses of my old goto password.

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