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I came across a few bits of tech and apps that are worth their weight, sometimes virtual weight, in gold. From the first contraction to the first diaper change to nap time, tech has been adapted to fit the needs of the new tech focused father.

Tiny Letter

Review: This free small scale email newsletter service was great for notifying everyone in the family and all of our friends about the labor, delivery, arrival, and visiting options.

We wrote up our emails beforehand and had a few extras that we on a contingency basis in case things didn’t go as expected, and they rarely do.

I was able to send links to private photo collections I put on Google photos. We could just have easily put everything up on Facebook, but we wanted our messages to go out to only specific people and not everyone had a Facebook account. It also let’s you know if and when they get the message.

Recommendation: It’s free, it’s easy, why not give it a try.

Contraction Timer

Review: The contraction timer app available on the Google play store worked effortlessly and distraction free from the first contraction to the time to be admitted to the hospital. It allowed me to have documented proof that it was time and that we weren’t over reacting or exaggerating the progress of the initial stages of labor.

Recommendation: Very useful and free to download. A clear positive recommendation.

Feed Baby Pro

Review: This analytic and data tracking app was a relief. You can sync it between multiple phones, so if you are sharing the feeding and changing duties, then someone else can enter the data for you. While it wasn’t free, it was worth every penny. The first few days at home with a newborn baby can really deprive you of sleep and when you are groggy you may not remember exact details of how much she ate or how often she is sleeping if at all. Looking back at the aggregated analytics allows you to see that everything is normal, or if something is wrong, then you will at least have some data for further analysis.

Recommendation: Buy it and use it starting day one. You can ween yourself off of it over time. And during those times when you want to track every little thing, then it is right there waiting one click away.


Review: If you have an extra smart phone laying around and a wifi network available, then this app makes great sense. It alerts you just as any baby monitor would, but compared to other single use devices, this app is above them all.

You can listen in to the monitoring device from your smartphone as long as you have a data connection. The audio is very crisp and clear, the alert is unobtrusive, and the lag is almost non-existent.

You can setup a second phone to be the primary monitor if you left your spare old android smartphone at home. That ability has come in handy a couple of times so far.

Recommendation: Worth the money. I would highly recommend it.


Review: Perfect video monitor that can be used as a baby video monitor. Extremely easy setup and connection. There are cheaper options, but this one works very well with little setup time or effort. The included mount is good, but the best part is the accompanying mobile app.

Recommendation: Not the cheapest route, but worth the investment. Highly recommended.

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