RasPlex CEC Settings

The Issue

I recently updated my RasPlex through the automatic updater built into the software package. There were a few things that needed to be adjusted right away, such as the resolution. There was, however, one setting which I didn’t immediately change. Every time I turned off the TV with the TV remote the RasPlex would power cycle. The TV would then send commands to the RasPlex the HDMI port in what’s referred to as CEC, Consumer Electronics Control.

CEC is a function of the HDMI standard that allows you to cut down
on the number of remotes you have by being able to automatically
interact with devices that are plugged into your TV via HDMI. Awesome Idea!

The only problem I had with that was when I turned the TV off it was power cycling the RasPlex as well. And after the RasPlex turned itself on, then it would send the command to the TV to turn itself back on. Needless to say, I turned the TV off multiple times and it kept coming back on. Just a bit frustrating.

The RasPlex (Raspberry Pi) is powered by a standard 1 volt 5 amp micro USB cellphone type charger. This has a very low draw, so leaving it turned on and plugged in all day long didn’t cause any alarm. Having the TV on all day long or having to unplug the RasPlex each time I turned off the TV is an extra step that I didn’t want.

The Solution

I decided to check out the RasPlex developer’s GitHub page to see if the issue had been addressed or solved. Good news, it has been addressed. The fix was quite simple. I only had to make one adjustment to the CEC settings for the RasPlex in the preferences. After that quick fix, the RasPlex no longer rebooted and turned the TV back on each time I switched off the TV.

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