GaragePi Second Attempt

The Plan

Install a raspberry pi computer in my garage and hook it up to the garage door opener and the wifi network allowing me to trigger the garage door from anywhere using my smartphone.

The Hardware

I have all of the required parts for installing the GaragePi setup. I ordered the 2 channel relay and female to female wires from Amazon about a month ago and I purchased the Raspberry Pi developer’s kit from Microcenter. I already had some 20 gauge speaker wire left over from my home theater install.

The Software

I found a few tutorials for setting up and assembling the project on YouTube. I tried one tutorial already, but I encountered some errors while installing the software on the Raspberry Pi. I have decided to try out another tutorial that seems to be along the same framework.

The Results

Time seems to be the one element that I am lacking on this project. I will post an update once I try the above tutorial.

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