CrashPlan Install on FreeNAS Server

The Plan

I have been using CrashPlan on my personal computers both Windows and Mac for a couple of months. I came acorss a post on Google+ posted by the developers at iXsystems, the maintainers of FreeNAS, on installing the CrashPlan plugin in FreeNAS by Disks Installs. The CrashPlan Install on FreeNAS video tutorial looks pretty straight forward. I already tried one tutorial, but I didn’t get too far. I think this new one will be a bit easier.

The Parts/Software

My FreeNAS server is already setup and ready to go, but needs to be updated to the latest release. I have CrashPlan installed on my laptops and desktop, but I wanted to leverage the RAID system I have setup on the FreeNAS box.

  1. FreeNAS 9.2 Server
    a. CrashPlan Plugin
    b. Storage Array
  2. Windows Machine
    a. CrashPlan Client
    b. PuTTY

The Results

Followed the video step by step. Worked exactly as shown. Would highly recommend if you use CrashPlan and FreeNAS.

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